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Excerpt from ‘Sheep in the Road’ to be published …

Sheep in the Road
Been stood at a doorway all my life, watching, posing, flexing, but never entering. Instead I’m reaching up the doorframe, until at 65, I get a grip of the lintel – there to hang until I drop. Its a life …

‘Are you living to work, or working to live?’ a question for those of us fortunate enough to live in an affluent part of the world … and have a job.

Pressures to conform, cooperate and carry on make this a hard maxim to answer correctly and then abide by. Not really sure but in re-reading events so far, of a happy life, I conclude that working class lives are dictated by interacting and reacting to events with the merest hint of inner direction and possibly a belief in a better way. This seems to sum up my experience, and looking around it seems to appear so for others too. In the midst of all the shuffling this way or that at the whim of chance, coincidence and conspiracy there is the rare headstrong idiot amongst us who bucks the trend, and then … occassionally, even I make a decision which seems to be mine, free from outside influences, for reasons only I can know – but really, don’t analyse this too carefully as sadly, on the whole, we proletarians are all floaters ‘living to work’.

So, as social beings inhabiting this crust of a speck of intergalactic dust, being bounced, bundled and broken together in the chaos of our own limitations we are still ordered in our murmurating flight by a hegemony of our own restricted imagination … flying on the ground is wrong!

One conclusion: we are like sheep in the road … the point is, how to change that! Work to live, don’t live to work.

Alan Rutherford, Sheep in the Road
Hand Over Fist Press, to be published