Art which has no part in life will be filed away in the archaeological museum of antiquity.
Down with Art, the shining patches on the talentless life of a wealthy man.
Down with Art, the precious gem in the dirty dark life of a poor man.
Down with Art, the means to escape from the life which is not worth living!

Alexander Rodchenko
Russian Constructivist

Alexander Rodchenko, a revolutionary constructivist designer, is a hero of mine and made all the more human by the twists and turns at compromise he must have made to escape the Stalinist purges of the thirties. These writings and mind wanderings are published as a therapy and a comfort for me in a world of screwed logic.
To view all books, photobooks, smatterings of artwork … and, if you are really bored, an online magazine (ffs!), go here: www.handoverfistpress.com

aka Alan Rutherford


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